System Overview

Our Illuminated LED Troughlight (Stryder) features an IP65 rating, 1200 Lumen per metre output, and is available in lengths of up to 6 metres in a single piece (and longer with a join). In addition to its industry leading range of nine bracket styles for mounting to almost any surface, Stryder is available powder coated or from stock in black, white or silver Anodised.

  Single Sided Single Sided Signs are simple single-faced signs perfect for wall-mounted or outward facing signs. Double Sided Double Sided Signs are a double-faced sign type, useful for providing directions or using both sides for different messages. V-Mount V-Mount Signs use three posts and two panels to provide an angular surface for your signage, allowing for separate messages based on the viewing angle. Inline Inline Signage provides an aesthetic and functional difference from standard post-mount signage by mounting the sign between the posts, allowing for a continuous "fence style" chain of signs Corniche Corniche Signage uses stand-off connectors rather than rivets or banding to provide a sleeker mount for select signage.
Posts Post Mounted Signs are an Ashby staple, and can be placed either in or above ground with the use of Ashby baseplates.
Totem Ashby Totem Signs provide a singular flat surface on which your designs can be placed. The bottom of the sign is placed either below ground with posts or on a baseplate to keep the shape even throughout.
Freestanding Freestanding Signs are a mobile sign type that can be placed without securing it to a wall or the ground, making it useful for signs that will need regular movement.
Flat wall Wall Mounted Signs are an Ashby speciality, able to be affixed to any flat surface for an easy setup.
Projecting Projecting signs can be placed on any flat wall to add visibility and a slightly unorthodox flair.
Suspended Suspended Signs can be secured to any ceiling either via hooks or direct bolting if more is required.

Ashby Troughlight LED Troughlight - Stryder

The Ashby LED Troughlight (or stryder) is a bright, slim IP rated. Stryder’s range of brackets enable fixing to any standard signage configuration, including trays, walls, channel and as an up-lighter. In addition to 1200 lumens per metre and an IP65 rating, Stryder features a 60mm diameter and a curved ribbed lens for even light distribution.

Key Information
- Produces upwards of 1200 lumens/metre of illumination
- 60mm slimline profile
- Illuminates panels up to 2440mm deep
- Rated unit to IP65
- Curved ribbed lens for even light distribution.
- 24v Power Supplies and ribbon LED illumination
- Delivered as a pre-assembled unit (requires only bracket mounting to troughlight extrusion)
- Available from stock in colours; White (RAL 9016), Black (RAL 9005) or Silver Anodised (AA25)
- Nine different bracket types; Wall Bracket, Double Sided, Channel Bracket, Plate Bracket, Variable bracket, 90° Bracket, 60°, 30°, Double Sided
- Stocked colours lead time from a next day despatch
- Powder & wet coated colours start from three days despatch

You can learn more about the LED Illumination used in our troughlights by visiting our LED Illumination page.

For more information contact the team here at Ashby™ or 01189 815343

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