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Aluminium Composite Signs comprises a Polyethylene core between two sheets of 0.3mm aluminium. Commonly used where the customer is on a tight budget, Composite is significantly cheaper than aluminium but doesn't boast the same length of life. Ashby manufactures a reduced range of composite signage because of the reduced durability of the material - we believe, where possible, that aluminium is a better option.

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Ashby Composite Composite Sign Trays

Ashby Composite Sign Trays are a low-cost alternative to aluminium sign trays. In much the same way as Composite Panel systems, Composite Trays are used where the end user is operating on a low budget or where increased longevity is not a consideration. Unlike their aluminium counterparts, Composite Trays are notched, folded and bonded with aluminium angle. Composites are supplied by Ashby from stock in a range of colours, and at 3mm thickness. Composites can be finished by Ashby, the Sign Maker or End user with cut vinyl or digital print.

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Ashby Composite Composite Panels

Ashby Composite Panel Signs are an alternative to standard aluminium plate signage. Primarily used where budget is a priority, composite signage is significantly less durable than aluminium but is lighter and, when viewed at a distance, gives a similar appearance. Composite comprises two very thin sheets of aluminium enclosing a polyethylene core; it is therefore easily cut and malleable. The downside is that unlike aluminium, it cannot be recycled when it needs replacing. Ashby Composite is supplied from stock in a range of colours and at a standard overall thickness of 3mm. Additionally, and as with aluminium, composite can be finished with vinyl or digital printed according to requirement.

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