System Overview

Post mounted signage systems are a common sight along any road or outside any business park; from standard clip and rail systems through to higher end, post mounted tray (Plaza style) systems. A key component of any of these systems is Aluminium Posts and Ashby is pleased to stock and supply an unrivalled range of round, square and specialised profiles in a combination of Mill Finish, White and Grey. Posts are stocked in 500mm increments but all can be cut to the necessary size. All posts can be powder coated or wet coated to requirement, and configured in multiple ways to give the desired look. Need a little bit more? Have a look at our Finials and Fixings page for inspiration.

Ashby Aluminium Posts Post Caps

Signs require posts and posts require sign post caps. Ashby supplies post caps to fit all standard and non-standard, stock post extrusions (in varying styles).

Key Information
- Round internal injection moulded post cap sizes; 50, 76, 89, 114, 140, 168mm
- Round internal injection moulded domed post caps; 50,76mm
- Square internal injection moulded post cap sizes; 50, 75, 100mm²
- Specialist aluminium screwported profile post caps; Octagonal, Triangular, Bullnose, Ellipse, 76mm
- Specialist aluminium cast screwported profile post caps; Cathedral, Quadrant
- Round external Plastisol post caps; 140, 168, 194, 219, 244, 273mm (Normal use, steel posts)
- Same day despatch on stock and in stock items.
- See the Post brochure download at the top of the page for more details on options of colours and lengths

All of our Caps are supplied in Black as standard but we also stock 76mm (round) caps to match our standard AS colours - it means you get the nearest possible match to your post colours. Additionally, and if budgets don't quite stretch to finials , we can supply you with plastic Domed Caps (for round posts) to give a different finish. If you're after a more specialised post profile, our preference is to supply you with metal end caps - we'll powder coat them to match the rest of your system.

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Ashby Aluminium Posts 'Stali' Brushed Aluminium Post

Stali is a Stainless Steel effect Aluminium post section that is unique to Ashby Trade Sign Supplies. Stainless steel effect is a low maintenance, lightweight Aluminium post section that has been grained and bronze anodised through a specialist process designed to give the appearance of Stainless Steel with none of the downsides.

Key Information
- Comes in lengths of 3.00m and 3.50m (stock) (optional cut to size service offered)
- Approximately one third of the cost of actual stainless steel
- Anodised to AA12 (approximately 12 years external life)

The anodised, self passivating surface means that when the surface is marked or scuffed throughout the course of its life it will not oxidise or mark in the same way that Stainless Steel does. Additionally, and in stark contrast to Stainless Steel, Stali is lightweight meaning; carriage costs are lower, it's easier to install and, ironically, won't stain! We've got to ask, why bother with Stainless Steel?

- This product looks fantastic in conjunction with our Acrylic Signage especially for post or wall mounting

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Ashby Aluminium Posts Aluminium Finials

Aluminium Finials are the finishing touch to any post mounted signage system.

Key information
- Round Posts - Ball Shape, suitable for use with; 50,76,89,114,140,168mm posts
- Square Posts - Ball Shape, suitable for use with; 50,75,100mm² posts
- Speciality Shapes; suitable for 76mm Dia. posts (Inc. Base Embellisher)
- Finials available from stock in up to five finishes; Grey, White, Black, Gold, Mill Finish
- Same day despatch on stocked colours in stock
- 2-3 day lead time on stock powder coated colours
- All finials supplied with drilled and tapped holes to suit grub screws (included)

Instead of a standard post cap a finial can give the added impact required and can match either existing branding or create a look.

See the Finial Component brochure for more detailed information on sizes and finishes. Alternatively our sales team will be happy to take you through everything you might need to know. Give us a call on 01189 815343.

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Powder Coat
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Ashby Aluminium Posts Aluminium Sign Posts

Ashby stocks an unrivalled range of Aluminium Sign Posts in square, round and specialised profiles. Varying in diameter/width from 50mm to 168mm there is a post for every application - be it small, single post panel and post systems or large, bespoke multi-post Totems.

Key Information
- Round profiles; 50mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm, 140mm, 168mm (Mill, Grey, White)
- Square Profiles; 50mm², 75mm², 100mm² (Mill, Grey, White)
- Specialty Profiles; Ellipse, Cathedral, Quadrant, (Mill Finish)
- Specialty Profiles; Bullnose, Triangular, Octagonal (White, Mill Finish)
- Same day despatch on stock and in stock items.
- 2-3 days on stock powder coating colours

Wall thicknesses vary from 2.7mm to 5.5mm dependent on the post type - if you're unsure of which post to go for or need to talk through options our sales team will be happy to take you through everything from wind loading to appearance. Give us a call 01189 815343. See the Post brochure download at the top of the page for more details on options of colours and lengths

Profile Shapes

Ashby Aluminium Posts Welded Baseplate Posts

How do you mount an aluminium post to a solid, impermeable surface? With Welded Baseplate Posts.

Key Information
- Standard round post diameters include; 50, 76mm
- Standard square post sizes include; 50, 75mm²
- Lead times start from 2 days.
- 3-5 days on stock powder coating colours
- Baseplate manufactured from 10mm thick shate (sheet)
- As standard, 300mm round or square baseplate, complete with four 13mm fixing holes
- Optional 12mm ground sleeves for floor/wall mounting

We do not recommend exceeding 3500mm in post height (without structural recommendations), we might suggest adding welded flanges by way of additional support between the base and upright. Please see the mount types to gain a better understanding of the system. If you are looking to exceed any of our standard sizes then enquiries must be directed through the sales team here at Ashby™ or 01189 815343

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Ashby Aluminium Posts Ancillary Post Fixings

There are a few things you can use to make your signage system that little bit more secure, and our line of ancillary post fixings can easily accommodate.

Included within this category are;
- Baseplates (manufactured from steel, it's use is to secure to the bottom of the post into the ground to assist with; anti-theft, anti-rotation and avoid subsidence of the post). Available for 50, 76, 89, 114, 140 & 168mm round posts.

- Foundation Sleeves (Commonly used on larger systems to expedite the process of post installation by concreting in the foundation sleeves prior to installation, the post can then be dropped in and have your posts secure in minutes to complete the installation). See the download below for a step by step guide. Suitable for use with all but or 50/75mm² and 50/76mm Dia. posts

- Post Extensions (are used when extra length is required on posts that cannot be replaced. Manufactured using 1m sections of stocked post sizes coupled with extrusion to create an expanding joint locator to secure into the existing post). See the download below for more information on installation and manufacture.

- Wall Mounted Post Brackets; (commonly seen in conjunction with Road Traffic signage, the projecting arm brackets suit channelled sign panels. See the download below for more information on installation and standard fixing parts.

Technical Drawings (Ancillary Post Fixings)

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Powder Coat
Wood Effect