Order Process

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting hours or even days for a price or order confirmation so we’ve put a system in place that will enable you to get a price or raise an order then and there.

With a few notable exceptions, which require artwork to be looked at, the entire Ashby range can be quoted over the phone by one of our sales staff. If the phone isn’t for you however there are a number of other ways to get your job into production – take a look below for more information on how to place an order.

  • How do I get a quote or place an order?

    Its easy! Call, email or send us an instant message. We'll price you over the phone or be back to you within 3 hours if you send an email.

    If you're not sure what you might need its best to call - we're an experienced team with a great deal of knowledge.

  • What should I look for in my quotation or order confirmation?

    We'll always itemise your quote or order confirmation down to the nut or bolt so you can see exactly how your price breaks down. Its important you check this to make sure its exactly what you're expecting.

  • What information is in my quote or confirmation?

    It is a pretty comprehensive document. Everything from the lead time for your product to payment information

  • How do we arrive at a lead time?

    Different processes take different amounts of time. We have standardised lead times for different products. Sometimes, product (sign blanks, for example) will be despatched on the same day and others will take slightly longer (painted items, for example). Check the bottom of your order confirmation for an estimated delivery date.

  • My lead time has been pushed back, why?

    Our lead times are quoted from the day the order goes into production. Sometimes this might be delayed whilst we wait for artwork approval, answer questions or amend your order. If you have any questions about lead times please let us know, we're happy to answer them.

  • How will I receive my goods?

    Dependent on your orders, size, quantity, fragility or simplicity, we will despatch your orders in the most effective and efficient means possible, be that on dedicated delivery, overnight carrier service or post. If you have a preference please let us know which one suits you best when you ask for a quote or place an order.

  • How will you know when an order is despatched?

    We'll send you an email on the night your order is despatched.

  • How will I receive my delivery note?

    Delivery notes are emailed along with confirmation of despatch, we don't supply paper delivery notes as standard unless your order is going to to a third party delivery address. If it is your preference to receive a paper copy please let us know at time of order.

  • This page hasn't answered my question...

    We're sorry about that. You can always give us a call or check our full T&Cs.