Why clip frame systems are great for retail

9 December 2021 Product Deals

Clip frame or snap frame systems can be found in most public places, indoors and outdoors. They can be a great and cost-effective way to create a quick point of sale and promote items and services in retail buildings.

What are clip frames?

A clip frame is a poster case that snaps shut and holds the paper/advertisement or poster behind a clear protective cover. These frames can also be known as snap frames, grip frames or snap open frames and are most commonly used in a retail environment to display posters as a POS.

All four sides of clip frames are spring-loaded to hinge open with a clip/snap action, allowing you to place or remove the poster behind a protective layer. The frame edges open one by one and snap shut to make changing the content easy and stress-free.

Benefits of using clip frames in retail

  • Temporary – In retail, products move fast, and new stock comes in and out within months or even weeks. With clip frames the content can be removed and replaced in minutes so it matches the surrounding products, making it perfect for the retail environment.
  • Easy installation – In comparison to lightboxes and illuminated displays, clip frames are easy to install as they don’t involve any electrical wires. Without any electrical wires they can be placed anywhere within shops.
  • Branding – The neutral-coloured clip frames can be filled with a range of different coloured advertisements to match branding and enhance both the shop interior and exterior.
  • Versatile – You can use both regular paper prints inside of snap frames for a quick change as well as professionally printed artwork for a more vibrant and high-quality appearance.
  • Indoors/Outdoors – Depending on the material and waterproofing, clip frames can be used inside of shops to promote the products/services as well as outside of the building to entice potential customers to come in and shop.
  • Placement options – Clip frames can be mounted on walls, stands and on other panels to provide information about products and services all around retail shops.
  • Different sizes – Clip frames can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from A4 all the way to A0 to suit the needs of all retail businesses. The large posters are great to be seen from a distance, indoors and outdoors whereas small posters can be used to highlight the cost or function of a nearby product.
  • Secure – Some snap frames can be locked at the hinges to prevent passer-by’s from tampering, damaging or stealing your retail advertising tools.

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