Timing is everything

27 June 2018 Business Updates

Which is why at Ashby we operate extended opening hours.

We know what it’s like in the signage industry – and it’s rarely strictly 9-5.

That’s why we are available from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday.

We purposefully work these hours, and have done for years, and here’s why –

Customer convenience

In whatever industry you are in it’s the number one ‘must be’ in customer service. If it’s not convenient, if we’re not available at the right times, customers won’t return.

Understanding the industry we serve is fundamental. During business hours our customers are dealing with their own customers along with everything else that drives a business forward (marketing, sales, admin, finances etc.).

We realised that what would really help our customers is if we were contactable at the beginning and end of every day. outside of normal working hours.

We’re only a click or a call away

Even though our phone lines and email are busy throughout the day, our customers do take advantage of our availability before 9am and after 5pm.

It makes a difference to our customers that they can get a quote for a project, order products or ask for advice at a time that won’t impact the normal working day. It helps our customers to be time-efficient and responsive to their customer base.

A regular customer of ours called at 6.10pm last week to ask us to quote for a rush-job. We were able to give him the quote and delivery schedule and he was able to contact his client before start of play the next day with all the info. He won the project. Nice!

So, come on – don’t be shy. Call our expert sales team on 0118 981 5343 or email sales@ashbytrade.net. Let us make life easier for you!

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