Time for a Team Talk

14 May 2018 Business Updates

Or, why we genuinely give our customers the time of day.

When it comes to unique selling points we know we have at least four, and they’re really good ones!
First up (and these are in no particular order):


That’s our main aim. To be consistent with our product range, our quality, our pricing and our lead times.
To remain consistent is a complex undertaking. We achieve it by being a systems-led organisation. We plan in detail to ensure business efficiency. This has the dual advantage of maximising productivity and avoiding customer price hikes.

Second of all:

Quoting systems

We run a complex and bespoke software system allowing us to quickly put together accurate quotes. We are the only outfit that we know of where you can place your order over the phone and get that order into production on the same day.

Third is:

We love a blether

The whole of our sales team are experts. Anyone who picks up the phone to you knows the Ashby product range inside out. They are there to offer guidance and advice to ensure you get the most effective solution for your project. We like to have conversations with our customer. It helps us to build and maintain relationships. Understanding our customers and their requirements helps us to consistently advise them effectively and promote the correct products and systems.

Last, but by no means least:

We don’t knock off ‘til it’s done

Not a lot of people know this, but we don’t run an order book. Orders come in, and they get done. We have a dedicated team of people who don’t turn the lights off until the last job for that day is complete.

Individual commitment to a group effort

We could also talk about competitive pricing and the very short lead times of course. However, we really just wanted to shine an appreciative light on the fantastic team here at Ashby. Our systems and approach are cutting edge, but it’s the people that make it such a success.

We have been serving the signage trade for over 20 years – bring us any size project and we’ll deliver the goods. Give us a bell on 0118 981 5343, or click to see an overview of our product ranges

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