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14 February 2018 Business Updates

Yes, it’s true. The size of your letters is directly related to readability, but that’s not the only factor in how successful a sign will be.

Just because the lettering is big does not necessarily mean it is easy to read. In fact, there are in fact 4 factors to be considered:

Font style

As a rule, thinner letters are harder to read at a distance. Even if they are tall, too thin and they won’t be readable. Simple fonts are clearer.

White space

The white space around the lettering is an important factor. It gives the lettering space and contrast – great for readability


The space between letters is as important as the type height. Large letters that are too close together won’t work.

Ashby Options - Viewing Distances & Type Sizes

Ashby Options – Viewing Distances & Type Sizes

Colour and contrast

A high contrast in colours on signage designed for viewing at a distance helps enormously with readability.

Where’s it going to be?

Location, location, location – the position of the sign and the necessary viewing distances need to be considered.

Getting it right

To help you we have created a guide for text heights and viewing distances. Bear in mind that there will be variances of text styles, colours and contrasts and so these are average sizes for sans serif typefaces.
More information together with traffic sign letter sizes can be found on the viewing distances page.

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