Ashby Takes ‘No-Nonsense’ Approach

15 August 2016 Press Releases

Ashby Trade Sign Supplies has revealed a new strategic business plan that will see them ‘cut out the nonsense’ when it comes to technical product specification.

The move is part of a wider trend that is seeing businesses in the sign industry demand transparency and simplicity from suppliers in such a crowded sector.

On February 14th 2017, Ashby will release ‘Blue Brochures’, each one containing 3D drawings, technical information, and pricing.

The aim of the brochures is to educate sign-makers through the entire range of products that Ashby supplies from a technical view, and to enable sign-makers to buy products in either fully finished, semi-finished, or component form according to their business needs.

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Ashby Trade Sign Supplies will release technical brochures as of February, detailing its products

“The purpose of the development is to enable sign-makers to make best use of their available resource and to ensure they know exactly how our products go together,”

explains sales manager Charlie Horseman. He adds

“We want our customers to be able to buy Ashby product in whichever form suits their business and manufacturing capability best.”

The company supplies products such as glass effect, traffic, and plate signage systems, along with a host of other sign solutions.

The popular Stryder Troughlight, as well as illuminated, extruded, and unit priced parts, will be included in the new format.

Sign-makers will be able to stock-hold and often distribute Ashby extrusions and products.

General manager, Steve Nicholas, says: “We felt this would be an advantage. The key benefit being that sign makers can maintain a stock of extrusion and service their customer requirements on a same day basis.”



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