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2 July 2018 Business Updates

The Ashby Product Directory is designed to give you all the information you need when designing your signage project.
It’s the sign makers’ bible. The brochure gives a great overview of the twelve Ashby product systems. It includes technical information about how the signs are made, which components are used and how they are customisable.

Each section of the brochure contains technical drawings, so you can easily see how they are built as well as guidance on where each sign system is designed to be fitted.

More than a mere signage tech spec

As well as the technical specifications there is information on pricing, any discounts for bulk buying and a handy guide on viewing distances.
All the Ashby systems are designed to require only a minimal reasonable technical knowledge, they are non-labour-intensive and easy to assemble.

Who’s it aimed at?

Glad you asked that.

The brochure was originally designed for those of our customers who manufacture themselves. However, we have realised that over time the brochures have become a valuable asset to the customer base we fabricate for.
We have had a lot of great feedback from people saying things like ‘I didn’t know you did one like that!’ and ‘I had no idea about the flexibility of this range’.

It has also become an excellent ‘sales by knowledge’ resource. Our sign makers have been able to cross sell and up sell because of the overview the brochure gives them.

Where can I get one?

Glad you asked that too. And it couldn’t be easier –

Head over to the download brochure page on our website You can choose to download the whole thing or just the product system sections you need.

Or you can go old school – fill out the form towards the bottom of the page and we’ll post you the whole thing or just the parts you need completely free of charge!

Alternatively, let’s go really old school – if you’re passing, why not drop in for a brew and pick one up?

You can also request a brochure over the phone (we love a blether) on 0118 981 5343 or drop us a line at

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