Light up your life with Lightbox

30 July 2018 Product Focus

When a fully illuminated facia is in order then Ashby Lightbox is all you need.

We supply five different profile designs to suit every situation. Lightbox is available as either a single or a double-sided system. Get it in component form or fully assembled and illuminated.

An overview of usefulness


This front-loading facia has a super slim profile depth of only 100mm, superb when space is a premium. Comes with wall, post, suspended or projecting mounting options. A slim signage system with a big appeal.

Ashby Lightbox Slimline


Also great in small spaces, the front-loading Rollerbead boasts a ball and socket style joint which allows it to rotate in its location without being removed. A reflective stucco backing provides an even distribution of light without any spotting. Comes in single-sided, double-sided or double-sided-slim options. Looks equally impressive whether it’s post-mounted, suspended or projecting.


For when looks are everything. The integral Lightbox system, both single and double-sided has beading that is integral to the systems. This results in a smooth finish with no visible fixings. Looks stunning whether it’s post mounted, suspended or projecting.

Lightbox Integral

Making it easy

We stock Lightbox in white and silver. Lead times for manufacture start from only 2 days for stock colours. Manufacture for powder coating colours is still only 3-5 days. LED is available as either modules or ribbon.

As with all our systems Lightbox is designed for easy installation and can be purchased either as components, partly finished or fully finished with graphics applied.

You can download the full technical specification and price list brochure from the Lightbox page.

To talk through the system in more detail drop us a line at or call us on 0118 981 5343

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