How glass effect acrylic brings signage to the next level

22 October 2023 Product Focus

Properties of acrylic signage

Acrylic signs are made from a transparent polymer material that is formed into different sheets and closely resembles glass. Because of the versatility that accompanies acrylic, it is a preferred material when it comes to creating and enhancing signage.

Why does it make great signage?

There are many different ways that glass effect acrylic can be a great option for creating different signs for retail, businesses, restaurants and more. Below are the benefits and ways that glass effect acrylic can level up your signage.


Acrylic can be cut into specific shapes, it can be printed on, it can be etched on, and it can be personalised for different businesses’ specific needs. Glass effect acrylic signage can come in a range of thicknesses and colour tints, as well as frosted backing.

When using frosted backing, edge-lit illumination can be applied to level up the signage and make it unique, sleek and perfect for office and corporate environments. The ability to print on acrylic can also allow businesses to use colours that support their brand, adding another level of versatility.


Whether glass effect acrylic signage is used in an office building, a hotel or a restaurant, it has the ability to level up the professionalism of the business/building whilst remaining true to their brand image.

High impact

Whatever the setting used, glass effect acrylic signage has a strong impact on passers-by. It could grab someone’s attention from across a busy shopping centre or set a good impression for business partners entering a corporate building. There is a range of ways to display your logo or message on acrylic signage including digital printing, etching and backlighting which will all stand out against other signage.


Glass effect acrylic signage is easy to clean and maintain to keep it looking its best all year round. It works to resist wear and tear of weathering/temperatures and continue to present professionalism. Acrylic is 10 times more impact resistant than glass, offering a safer option inside and outside of buildings.


Even with the versatility and professionalism of glass effect signage, it is still an affordable option. It is more cost-effective to manufacture, customise and install than glass signage and can last for a significant amount of time with less maintenance.

Where can you use acrylic signage?

Acrylic signage can be used by a range of businesses in areas such as:

  • Car showrooms
  • Retail
  • Menu boards
  • To display information/directions
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Nameplates on doors
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Room names
  • Building number plaque

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