Adopting A New Order –

11 December 2018 Business Updates

Or, our approach to getting it bang-on more often.

We’ve been doing a lot of development work over the past few months so that our customer journey is more efficient. And it’s really starting to pay off.

It’s a bad sign when…

We know that nothing is more annoying than when we say we’ll deliver on a certain day and then it’s delayed. Actually, the only thing to top this for frustrating is when a project is late. And wrong.

It’s a good sign when…

Nothing’s perfect 100% of the time, but we might as well strive for it and continue striving for it. This way, we stay as efficient as possible and keep things taking a wrong turn to an absolute minimum.

We have made some investments and applied changes to workflow through the factory. This streamlining has really helped with reaching deadlines promptly and in a lot of cases ahead of schedule!

Helping you stay ahead

It’s true to say that we do all we can to ensure our customers come back again and again. When we can deliver on a rush-job ahead of schedule we know we’ve nailed it.

Happy Customers. Happy Us.

If you have customers desperate for signage ahead of Christmas check out our lead times below. Alternatively, call us on 0118 981 5343 or email and we will do our best to help.

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