Factory Applied Vinyl

Ashby Trade Sign Supplies is pleased to supply over 500 variations of specialist, printable, reflective and non-reflective vinyl colours to the UK Sign Trade.

Non-reflective, Class 1 Reflective, Class 2 Reflective and Specialist vinyls (including Chrome, Ecof, Printable and Diamond Grade) are all stocked, and are available as a stand-alone item or applied to your favourite Ashby products.

As with all non-painted items, vinyl is supplied on a same or next day basis to customers throughout the UK. We welcome specialist and out-of-the-ordinary enquiries, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements; big or small.

Non-Stock Vinyl
Should you require a wider palette of colours, there are 85 extra vinyl colours in the Mactac MACal range. If we have used any of these colours before, we may hold limited quantities in house. If not, we purchase these colours to meet your requirements. Please note, where we purchase vinyls we are unable to achieve same day despatch of signs. Alternatively, you can supply your free issue stock.

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Order Code.Colour Description.Closest RAL Equivalent.Vinyl Reference.
Vinyl - AS01 - 9839-10 AS01Light Blue50129839-10
Vinyl - AS02 - 9839-11 AS02Medium Blue50059839-11
Vinyl - AS03 - 9839-12 AS03Dark Blue50029839-12
Vinyl - AS04 - 9849-10 AS04Light Green60299849-10
Vinyl - AS05 - 9849-00 AS05Dark Green60059849-00
Vinyl - AS06 - 9829-00 AS06White90169829-00
Vinyl - AS07 - 9859-05 AS07Burgundy30049859-05
Vinyl - AS08 - 9589-04 AS08Red30209859-04
Vinyl - AS09 - 9801-04 AS09Orange20089801-04
Vinyl - AS10 - 9809-00 AS10Yellow10239809-00
Vinyl - AS11 - 9829-01 AS11Cream10149829-01
Vinyl - AS12 - 9889-00 AS12Black90059889-00
Vinyl - AS13 - 9879-00 AS13Gold--9879-00
Vinyl - AS14 - 9869-00 AS14Silver90069869-00
Vinyl - AS15 - 9883-04 AS15Brown80179883-04
Vinyl - AS16 - 9889-03 AS16Grey70429889-03
Vinyl - AS25 - 9839-22 (NHS) AS25Marina Blue50179839-22

Non Reflective Vinyls

Ashby stocks (at all times) a large range of non-reflective vinyls (if you don't see your colour here please ask, we've probably got it too!).Take a look at our colour coded fixings which match our standard non-reflective vinyl range, complimenting the finish to your sign assembly.

Vinyl - AS17 - Yellow- RA2 Reflective AS17Yellow1 (High intensity)
Vinyl - AS18 - White - RA2 Reflective AS18White1 (High Intensity)
Vinyl - AS19 - Red - RA1 Reflective AS19Red2 (Engineering Grade)
Vinyl - AS20 - Orange - RA1 Reflective AS20Orange2 (Engineering Grade)
Vinyl - AS21 - Yellow - RA1 Reflective AS21Yellow2 (Engineering Grade)
Vinyl - AS22 - Blue - RA1 Reflective AS22Blue2 (Engineering Grade)
Vinyl - AS23 - Green - RA1 Reflective AS23Green2 (Engineering Grade)
Vinyl - AS24 - White - RA1 Reflective AS24White2 (Engineering Grade)

Reflective Vinyls

Ashby stocks a comprehensive range of high intensity and engineering grade vinyls - ideal for street facing signage.Please note - Class 1 (RA2) Vinyl - We hold red, blue and green vinyl in stock in limited quantities. For this reason, we refer to them as non-stock. Please note - Class 2 (RA1) Vinyl - We hold brown vinyl in stock in limited quantities. For this reason, we refer to it as non-stock. Please note - Maximum width of vinyl in one piece is 1200mm

Vinyl - Z - Mirror Effect --Chrome
Vinyl - Z - Mirror Effect --Mirrored
Vinyl - AS26 - ....... (Silver Brushed AS26Brushed (stainless steel effect)
Vinyl - Z - Frosted Effect --Frosted
Vinyl - ECOFF - Transparent Overlay Film - Oralite 5051 Transparent FilmRedORALITE® 5051
Transparent FilmBlueORALITE® 5051
Transparent FilmBrownORALITE® 5051
Vinyl - ECOFF - Green Transparent Overlay Film - Oralite 5051 Transparent FilmGreenORALITE® 5051

Specialist Vinyls

Vinyls can be used to achieve a specialist finish, without the additional cost of specialist materials and manufacturing processes.