Artwork Info & File Types

We're pretty good here at Ashby, so we will sometimes proof your artwork to you before it goes into production to iron out any potential import issues.

We're not a design house though so we'll need your artwork to be supplied in high quality ‘.jpeg’, ‘.tiff’, ‘.eps’, ‘.pdf’, '.ai' or '.cdr' format. To avoid unnecessary delays, please make sure they're vector files for cutting jobs (not bitmaps) and all text is converted to curves for printing jobs (and please do bear in mind that once you've approved your proof this will go straight into production).

For full guidance and details, please take a look at our downloadable PDF.

If you have any other questions concerning artwork, please don’t hesitate to call.

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File FormatsOur Graphics Team is equipped to take artwork produced on both Windows PC and Apple Mac format files, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Corel Draw, Xara, Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress.
Is my artwork correct?When we import any file type that is not a .pdf, we will take what opens on our screens as correct. We would greatly appreciate a reference .pdf so we can eliminate the possibility of import error.
Will I receive a proof?Any orders that have a value of over £500.00 we will always provide a proof of artwork (which we will need your confirmation of before your order enters production). However, the artwork team will work on a job-by-job definition of what is considered proof worthy.

We manufacture ‘Ready Made’ signage from your supplied digital artwork. To ensure the highest quality reproduction of your artwork, and to achieve the shortest delivery times, please refer to our guidance notes.

How do I send very large files to you?File sizes of up to 10MB we are able to receive by email. File sizes over 10MB you will need to send via an online file transfer website such as; www.wesendit.com, www.wetransfer.com, the website will ask you to send a link for download to our email address (design@ashbytrade.co.uk) from where we will pick it up.
What do I do if I don't have artwork in these file formats and can't produce them myself?In most instances we are able and willing to convert your artwork to something that is useable, however, this service is chargeable at £45.00/hr.
In what format shall I send my artwork files?Files should be supplied in high quality ‘.jpg’, ‘.tiff’, ‘.eps’, ‘.pdf’, '.ai' or '.cdr' formats
Do I need to include bleed on prints, if so, how much?On vector files we would prefer no bleed, however, on bitmap images, we will require you to include no less than a 5mm colour bleed
Do you need crop marks on the prints?No, we will complete this in our .rip (raster image processing) process
Can I send my artwork in RGB format?We would strongly advise you convert artwork files to a CMYK or PMS colour reference. If you do not, then we will always send you an approval form to confirm the colours back to us.
Do you have the font suitable for my artwork?Although we have invested significantly in the most up-to-date artwork programmes, we cannot guarantee these will cover all font types. So, please convert any font included in your artwork to outlines (AKA; curves, paths or shapes) before sending your artwork through to us.
When radius corners are specified on my job card as 'to match artwork', what are the standard radii available10, 12, 20, 25, 38 and 50mm radii are available as standard although we are able to rout the files (please note; non-standard radii will be subject to a £24.15 surcharge (if not already applied))
How do I Label my artwork before I send it across to you?As a preference we would prefer the artwork to be labelled as per the job number, failing this, please reference your company name and the date

At Ashby, we want to get your artwork done for you as efficiently as possible. Accordingly, we have compiled these helpful tips to answer the most commonly asked questions.