Order formats

As a Trade supplier we recognise that each business is different. Some are re-sellers of signage, others are geared towards printing and a proportion to manufacturing. It’s important, therefore, that you’re able to buy Ashby products in the form that suits your business’ needs (be it fully or semi finished, or in component form).

We have found that the greatest proportion of you (our customers) buy semi finished products and that you prefer to apply your prints or graphics in house. It’s a simple and effective way to purchase. We fabricate, powder or wet coat (where required), or apply a face covering and you do the rest. It saves you manufacturing and going through the rigmarole of finding painters, using your valuable time doing simple facing work or welding, folding and cutting. We’re extraordinarily cost effective in this regard and enable you to spend more time selling to your customers.

Fully finished products are a different bag. We fabricate and finish the product (including graphics, prints etc.) and in some cases even ship direct to your customers in plain packaging. If your a business that is geared towards the design and consulting element of signage this is ideal. Keep your hands clean and simply add a markup onto the product. In real productivity terms we’ve found that (when labour, materials and lost opportunity cost are taken into account) this is by far the most productive way of producing and selling signage.

The third (and by no means least) option is to buy Ashby products in their raw form: lengths of extrusion, sheet, fixings and components. We recognise that a significant proportion of our customers have advanced and efficient manufacturing facilities in house and that there is often resource available for manufacturing. We don’t want this to be a blocker to supplying Ashby products so we released our Blue Brochures; the complete guide to Ashby products in their purest form (complete with pricing, discounts and instructional diagrams and tips). This is all about utilising your existing manufacturing resource, and getting the most out of your available resource.

These are the trends that we’ve discovered, but that doesn’t mean that buying a product in a different form isn’t a good idea. By way of example, we’ll manufacture, print and deliver (under plain wrap) an aluminium, wall mounted sign (A4 size) to your customer in less than three days for less than £20.00+VAT. Given the time, energy and resource it takes to do this, letting us do it is a bit of a no-brainer even if you’re a manufacturer…just send us the artwork.

Sign Range; The widest range of sign systems for every application

  • Our comprehensive range of sign systems has a sign for every customer, application and budget. From a simple plate sign mounted on one post, to the most prestigious sign featuring a curved face, illumination and feature letters. Every sign is made to order to your specific requirements.

Project Collaboration; Unique signs expertly designed

  • Perhaps your client has a unique requirement that cannot necessarily be met with our extensive sign range. Possibly you need help understanding, designing, pricing and delivering large sign contracts. If so, our project collaboration team is dynamic, flexible and will meet every challenge.

Component Sales; All aluminium components for self manufacture

  • If you have the expertise and machinery to manufacture your own signs, then we deliver the complete Ashby range of aluminium components. From aluminium sheet to extruded plank, clip extrusion to angle bracket, and letters to LEDs, Ashby provides every post, clip, finial and fixing you need to manufacture your own signs.