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Need to see it first?

Sometimes you need to see something to understand it; or to give yourself a little reassurance that the product you’re about to buy is up to the standard you expect. We get it and because we get it we’ve developed a range of samples that we hope will give you the edge when selling to your customers and also assure you of the quality of the product you’re about to buy.

We stock a couple of different types of sample: the completed box (containing a finished product) and the component box (containing a product’s component parts). Depending on what you need to see or understand you might opt for one or the other. Check out our list of stock samples below:

Complete Boxes

  • Tray Sample
  • Desktop Sample (Panel & Post)
  • Desktop Digital Print Sample (Panel & Post with print)
  • Flat cut letter sample
  • Acrylic Sample (With print applied)
  • AS760/500 Sample
  • L & T Directory Sample
  • Modular Sample
  • Plaza Sample
  • Totem Sample
  • K’nect Sample
  • Post Sample
  • Architech


Component Boxes 

  • Architech Component Box
  • Modular Component Box
  • Post Component Box
  • Lightbox Component Box
  • Glass Component Box
  • Tray Component Box
  • Sign Frame Component Box
  • Stryder Component Box
  • Fretcut Component Box
  • K’nect Component Box
  • Fingerpost Component Box
  • Ashby Letters & illumination Component Box


Whilst the above list is comprehensive it is by no means exhaustive. We like to work with you on projects (take a look at our project collaboration page) and this means that if you don’t see something on the list that you’d like you should give us a call and talk us through your requirements. From Fret Cut, illuminated Trays to bespoke projecting signs, we’ll be happy to make whatever it is you need to win the order (although we might sometimes charge for this service).

Your Samples