The Importance of Protective Screens

15 October 2020 Uncategorised

Why do we need protective screens?

Every time you venture out now you can see transparent plastic screens attached to cashier desks to keep a physical division between you and the cashier, but why is this? These transparent, protective screens allow individuals to see each other and communicate with each other without having to stay a significant distance away. This is so payments can be made, items can be collected and allow other transactions between two individuals.

The transparent protective screens have been used in the past in post offices, banks, reception areas for surgeries and much more. This was originally used as a barrier for security and financial transactions but going forward it will be a way of life for all shops and services.

COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic that has caused many countries, including the United Kingdom to go into lockdown. Now we are emerging out of lockdown(and possibly entering into another), protective plastic screens are required in shops to prevent the spread of the virus between people but still allowing them to leave their house and return back some sort of normality.

How does it prevent the spread of COVID-19?

COVID-19 can be spread through droplets in the air from sneezing and coughing. Where there is a screen between a customer and a cashier/member of staff, it makes it much harder for the droplets to penetrate the protective transparent screen as it is a solid material. This protects both the member of staff and the customer.

With these in place in public buildings, it can prevent the rapid spread of the virus among the public and employees to keep businesses active and as safe as possible.

Different types of protective screens and how they are used in different environments.

The protective screens can come in different shapes and sizes to ensure protection for all areas.

Freestanding Countertop Screens – These type of screens can be used in a range of different environments. They can be used in shops to keep employees and customers separate from each other when they are paying for their goods in supermarkets, fast food restaurants and more. They can also be used in offices. They can be used to keep employees separate when they are sitting at their desks or can be used to keep a distance between employees in conference meetings on larger tables. Countertop screens are useful because they can be used in lots of different and adaptable ways, depending on how a business wants to use it.

Freestanding Full Height Screens – Full height, free-standing protection is perfect for providing non-invasive space division. In offices that are open plan or supermarkets that have large open spaces, the dividers are an ideal way to create micro-environments to keep certain individuals together or to create one-way systems. Transparent screens are a way to divide the area so individuals can still see each other and not get claustrophobic.

Transaction Window Screens – Similar to the freestanding countertop screens, these provide protection between customers and employees but have a small cut out section at the bottom to exchange money and goods.

There are many more variations of transparent protective screens and these are the way forward when it comes to creating a safe community for the public and allowing the economy to grow by opening businesses, allowing them to trade through this pandemic.

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