The benefits of laser cut signage

2 December 2023 Designs & Designers

Signage is an important part of many businesses, whether it is a sign for a shop front, name plaques in an office or directions in an airport. There are many ways to create signage but by using laser cutting technology to create signs, it can enhance the level of quality and increase the speed of production.

What types of materials can be cut/engraved using laser cut technology?

By using laser cutting technology, you can create signage from almost all types of material. Below are a variety of laser cut signage options:

Laser cut acrylic signage – Acrylic is a material used for many different signage solutions due to its professional glass effect. It is also more cost-effective than glass and is an extremely easy material to work with when it comes to laser cutting.

Laser cut wooden signage – Laser cutting technology has the ability to cut wooden materials very easily, but the heat from the laser does cause the wood to be slightly burnt around the edges. However, some people like this effect for their signage.

Laser cut metal signage – Laser cutting technology can also be used to cut through many different types of metal, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and more. Using a laser to cut metal signage can create clean and smooth edges.

Benefits of laser cut signage

Below are some of the top benefits of using laser cut technology to effectively create signage solutions.

Increased productivity – Laser cutting technology is a great tool to provide speed and accuracy, producing custom size and custom-designed products such as plaques and signage. Laser cutters also have the ability to correct errors before they occur, keeping mistakes to a bare minimum and increasing productivity.

Versatility – Laser cutting technology has the ability to effectively cut through a large range of materials at different grades of thickness. This allows for a range of signage solutions for clients, no matter what design, grade or material.

Laser cutting equipment also has the ability to engrave and highlight the smallest details onto designs such as plaques and signage.

High quality – With the extreme precision and accuracy produced by laser cutting technology, you can expect to create detailed and high-quality signage. The control of the laser cutting power guarantees smoother edges and high-quality cuts which in turn lessens the margin of faults in the signage.

Laser cutting is now becoming more and more popular in the signage industry, and it is a revolutionary piece of equipment for cutting out signs, cutting out letters and engraving plaques in all specifications for a range of businesses. No matter the client’s choice of font size and style, material or design, opting for laser cutting technology is the best option due to the impeccable precision and speed that it offers.

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