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28 February 2019 Press Releases, Business Updates

We sometimes get asked about signage components or how best to install a certain signage model. This happens either with a new customer or a regular customer that hasn’t bought that particular sign system for a while.
It’s no fun if you’re on site and under time pressure, so we got to work on figuring out how best to help.

Film time

We have produced a series of short film guides on our YouTube channel which gives you all you need to know when installing Ashby signage systems. We have kept them succinct – most run at about the 40-second mark (let’s not waste time!). They are there to be short reminders to save you time and sweat!

You’ve gotta love a silent movie

We toyed with one of us adding our dulcet tones to explain the installations. We thought about having background music; dabbled with a banging house tune; considered a standard jazz classic. But why complicate things unnecessarily?

We feel the video guides are clear and concise just as they are. Check out this guide for the K’Nect Suspended Sign System. 

You can browse the whole installation guide library by clicking on the Ashby Trade Signs YouTube page:


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