Ashby™ Reduces Their Carbon Footprint

22 June 2017 Press Releases

As rising energy costs and raw material costs are cause for concern in today’s environment, Ashby Trade Sign Supplies has made a move to cut its own energy costs by installing a 87.5 KW/h solar bank.

Whilst higher costs are often passed on to customers in the sign industry, as the falling pound has increased the cost of raw materials and imported goods, there are ways of cutting costs. Ashby Trade Sign Supplies is pleased to reveal that it has not increased its prices in 2016, and has even decreased prices across its hanging bracket range.

“Whilst price increases often have to be passed on to customers, this is one way in which Ashby Trade Sign Supplies can try to pass on the benefit of reduced overheads instead,” explains general manager of Ashby Trade Sign Supplies, Steve Nicholas, adding: “Measures such as this mean that even when our first line suppliers increase costs, we can look to make the impact as minimal as possible for our customers.”

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Ashby Trade Sign Supplies has installed its own solar panels

Manager of Ashby Trade Sign Supplies, Charlie Horseman, adds: “We felt that in addition to the financial benefits, reducing our carbon footprint should be a priority. Lessening our environmental impact, even though there is no direct financial benefit, is very important.”
Some 25 percent of Ashby Trade Sign Supplies’ aluminium now comes from recycled sources and the company is striving to reduce the use of composites which are non-recyclable.

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