Ten Panels for £10.00

3 July 2017 Product Deals

July Deal of the Month

We’ve got a deal of the month! And since you might not have seen this before we thought we’d give you a bit of information. Every month (sometimes more than once), we’ll give you a deal of the month. It will be a good deal and something worth looking at – so stay tuned.

Aluminium - Assorted Mill Finish Sign Components - (2) (a)

Monthly deals will be available – so check back frequently to keep yourself updated!

Monthly Deal July

Its our first month this month, so we thought we’d keep it simple. 10 off. A4 flat, 12swg panels for £10. They’re normally £4.68 each so you’re getting a stormer. Give us a ring or send us an email and quote code SPECIALA4ALU. Please bear in mind that all our prices are exclusive of carriage and VAT.

For more information about our aluminium plate system and what else you could do with it, please visit https://www.ashbytrade.net/product-systems-overview/sign-panels/

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