Different types of office signage to improve the workplace

18 March 2022 Designs & Designers

After months or even years for some, people are starting to integrate back into the workplace after the pandemic forced many to work from home studies, bedrooms, or even kitchens. The office is the beating heart of many businesses and impactful signage can help to inspire employees, clients, and visitors.

External signage

External signs are vital to the image of the business. They are intended to catch the eye of passers-by and welcome visitors to the building. They have to be impactful, but still professional to appeal to the right crowd.

Most businesses will simply use their logo as their main external signage, which is understandable, but is that a good enough introduction? Enhancing logos with multi-dimensional lettering or backlighting will help a business stand out from competitors and remain professional.

Reception signage

Reception signage is a good way to build trust and recognition from the outset as well as projecting professionalism. Forming an instant impression, reception signage needs to be as professional as the external signage. Again, backlighting and multi-dimensional lettering will help to catch the eye of potential clients visiting the building.

Directional signs

Directional signs, although simple, are great for visitors or new starters who do not know their way around the office yet. There are many options available, including engraved acrylic which can be enhanced with illumination or can be impactful on its own.

The size of the office may determine whether or not directional signs are necessary, but they are now common in workplaces to point out cafeterias, toilets, meeting rooms, reception desks, and more.

Health & safety

In any building, there is a need for signs highlighting exits, danger, no unauthorized access, hearing protection, and many more. Whether professional signage is a priority or not, this type of signage is essential in all office buildings.

Although Coronavirus will eventually disappear, the anxiety around cleanliness will take much longer to suppress. Implementing professional signage that highlights social distancing, masks when needed or reminders to wash hands is advisable for businesses who want to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors.

Name plates

Personalised name plates are a good way to bring professionalism and familiarity to offices. Issuing name plates to desks and doors of private offices is a simple and efficient way to do this which is cost-effective. This kind of sign can be used across the whole company to highlight names and positions to employees, visitors and potential clients.


If a business has earned awards, it is a good idea to display them. There is no shame in displaying the achievements of a successful business on a dedicated wall. Opting for a clean, modern, acrylic plaque to engrave the awards into helps to reinforce business credentials whilst boosting team morale in a professional style.

Mission statement

Wall-mounted lettering, complete with a matte or gloss finish is a great way to share a business’s mission statement, inspirational quotes, or business values.

This kind of signage is a professional and modern way to remind employees, visitors, and potential clients what a business stands for. The office should be an area where employees are proud to work and highlighting values will help to achieve this.

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