Affairs of the Heart

26 June 2017 Business Updates

When someone’s suffers a cardiac arrest, every minute that passes once their heart has stopped beating decreases their chance of survival by l0 percent, which is why Ashby Trade Signs Supplies has invested in affairs of the heart and purchased two upgraded first aid stations and a fully automatic defibrillator.

Affairs of the heart…

James Hygate, the manager who is responsible for the scheme observed:

“Although the chances of any member of staff ever needing this type of assistance are small these things do happen”, which is why we believe that it is a worthwhile exercise and we encourage any company that can afford it to do the same”.

Affairs of the Heart

Ashby have invested in life saving equipment for the well being of staff and their industrial estate

Whilst a defibrillator isn’t a replacement for CPR by a qualified person, evidence shows that it will massively increase the chances of keeping the patient alive, which is why a number of businesses and communities have now begun to invest in them together with a greater number of first-aid trained staff. As a consequence, they are becoming more affordable; one can now be picked up for under a thousand pounds and will last for five-years without battery replacement. Some modern defibrillators are fully automated and can be operated by people with only the most basic training, as they use the patient’s heart movement patterns to determine whether a shock is necessary and instruct the user when to assist the casualty and when to stand clear.

The location of the nearest defibrillator can be found at, while further information can be found at

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Please note; this was an article from Sign Directions June 2016

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